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International Trading & Sales Representation/Distributorship

UEMURA’s international trading operation is a strong team of veterans with years of experience in successfully representing defense and aerospace clients of the Unites States and Europe. International clients can expect a whole range of dedicated services and unique solutions from us.

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Listed in the following are key areas of service offered by UEMURA:

Market Intelligence

  • Good market intelligence is a crucial recipe for successful business. UEMURA’s resourceful team offers up-to-date market intelligence.

Sales Promotion

  • International clients can enjoy easy access to UEMURA’s rich customer base for effective sales promotion.

Language Support

  • Our bilingual team is fully capable of offering first-rate translation service. International clients can rely on UEMURA’s language support for smooth communication with Japanese customers.

In-Country Technical Support

  • International clients can look to UEMURA’s staff and facilities for in-country support.

Strategic Alliance and Partnership Consulting

  • UEMURA can facilitate strategic alliance and partnership between international clients and Japanese industry customers.

Export Regulation Compliance

  • UEMURA is well versed in International Traffic in Arms Regulation (ITAR) and other export control laws and regulations.

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