TRENT 1000 Components
UEMURA provides drums, rear cases, front cases and front bearings for Rolls Royce’s TRENT1000 engines contracted by KHI. TRENT1000 is a propulsion system of Boeing 787.

V2500 Components
UEMURA provides fan cases for V2500 turbo fan engines under contract with KHI. V2500 engine is a best seller engine developed by a consortium of 7 major engine manufacturers (Pratt & Whitney, Rolls-Royce, KHI, IHI, MHI, MTU and FIAT) for narrow body aircraft such as Airbus A320 and Boeing MD-90.

CF34 Components
UEMURA provides accessory gearboxes and gears for CF34 engines under contract with KHI. CF34 engine is developed by GE for smaller aircraft such as Bombardier’s CRJ700/900 and Embraer 170/175 & 190/195.

TRENT XWB Components
UEMURA is assisting KHI with manufacturing of components for the latest model of Roll-Royce’s TRENT engine – XWB. TRENT XWB is expected to be a propulsion system of Airbus A350 currently under development.

T55 Turbo Shaft Engine Components
UEMURA provides impellers, turbine blades and turbine nozzles for T55 engines contracted by KHI under license from Honeywell. T55 engine is a propulsion system of CH-47 helicopter.

ARIEL ⅠE2 Engine Components for BK117
UEMURA provides components for Turbomeca’s ARIEL ⅠE2 engines for BK117 helicopter developed by KHI.